Make LanguageTool Better!

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No matter if you're a Java developer, translator, proof-editor, linguistics student, or just a volunteer, you can help make LanguageTool a better checker:

Language maintainers

Language maintainers help develop rule files for new and existing languages. They do not need any programming skills. All that is required is some basic understanding of grammar and the ability to write some XML (that's a markup language, it's easy to learn if you don't know it). Read our Tasks for Language Maintainers.



Translators can help us fix the SRX segmentation file just by using it in their favorite CAT systems and reporting back weird segmentation.

Linguistics students

Linguistics students can help us support new languages or add new rules (sometimes it's enough to suggest an idea of a rule - just a sentence with an error and a fix).


You can write error detection rules, too! Use the online rule creator or our three-minute introduction to get familiar with the XML syntax.

Contact Us

Simply contact us via our forum and we will surely use your help! Thanks! :)

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