Other Open Source Grammar Checkers

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  • CoGrOO, a grammar checker for Portuguese
  • Esperantilo, a text editor with grammar checking for Esperanto
  • Grammalecte, a grammar checker for French written in Python, based on Lightproof
  • Lightproof, a Python-based grammar checker embedded in LibreOffice since 3.5, Lightproof editor
  • Link Grammar, a syntactic parser for English
  • proselint, text checker written in Python
  • Virastyar, spelling and punctuation checker for Persian for MS Word, written in C#
  • Voikko, free linguistic software and data for Finnish
  • Unmaintained software:
    • An Gramadóir, a grammar checker for the Irish language
    • After the Deadline, a grammar checker for English which integrates LanguageTool to support German and French
    • GRAC, corpus-based grammar checker written in Python
    • Queequeg, agreement checker written in Python
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